The Diary of ANNE FRANK (Part Two) - 05/17

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She is perhaps Hitler´s best known victim, but what was Anne Frank really like?

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Anne Frank - Kathrine Schlesinger
Otto Frank - Emrys James
Edith Frank - Elizabeth Bell
Margot Frank - Emma Harbour
Mr. Van Daan - Christopher Benjamin
Mrs. Van Daan - Susan Tracy
Peter Van Daan - Steven Mackintosh
Mr. Dussel - David Swift
Mr. Koophuis - Daniel Moynihan
Mr. Kraler - Nigel Anthony
Miep - Janet Amsbury
Elli - Kate Mitchell
Warehouse Clerk - Christian Rodska
NSB Man - Nicholas Powell

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Lighting Director - Dave Sydenham
Studio Sound - Brendan Shore
Costume Designer - Dihan Collin
Make-up Designer - Suzanne Jansen
Script Editors - Devora Pope, Phillippa Giles
Designer - Ray London
Producer - Terrance Dicks

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