Sega Saturn : Ultraman / ウルトラマン 光の巨人伝説 - Gameplay (short)

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Fullfilling a request.
A game I haven't played for quite some time ... and it shows. (-_-)
A pretty average 2D Fighter with polygonal backgrounds(but far better than the godawful Ultraman fighting games on Mega Drive and Super Famicom tho).

shown in this video: Ultra Mode(Story Mode, only the five Ultraman are playable) and VS Mode(select everyone, Monster vs Monster battles ... yay!)

This game only runs with the ROM-Cartridge(provided with the game). What exactly does it do? no idea. 「(゚ペ) just for copy protection maybe? still they sold the pack for 7800 yen(~70USD) ...
what a rip off. (-_-) Luckily, it's very cheap these days.

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UltraMan Hikari no Kyojin Densetsu ©1995,1996 BANDAI

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