I Ain't A Gangster (Suburb Anthem)

By: TheWalk0uts


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I ain't a gangsta and I'll never be one
I don't even know how to hold or even shoot a gun
I ain't a gangsta and I'll probably never be
Cause I raised on the street of Sesame
I live comfortably in a pretty nice home
I droppin bills but it's for all my student loans
I'm not a gangsta but that you already knew
I like to jam out to Blink 182

Verse #1

I ain't a gangsta
But I'm still hustling a lot
To my first class, hall monitor yells "STOP!"
Everyone in towns listens to Kanye, 50, Eminem
I love them all but we can't seem to relate to them
Today's rappers are all living on the edge
They say grab your 9, but I'm thinking of using my wedge
They wear baggy gear and look cool walking around
But when I wear these clothes it looks like I'm wearing hand me downs
Every ones rapping about running from the popo
But I'd rather be in my pool, playing Marco Polo
I've never bought a dime bag but I got a bag full of dimes
Saving up my change to cash in at Christmas time

Verse #2

Tupac is the best, so for him I tip my glass
But if he saw me rapping, he'd probably kick my ass
Jayz keeps saying he's one of the best of all time
But I've been bragging it took 6 hours to write this rhyme
Yeah all my homies, take your hands and look hipper
I hope no one notices I left open my zipper
See if I was a gangsta I would probably die
I'm sure when Fat Joe leans back he doesn't leave open his fly
So I don't understand all this gangster talk
Instead of dodging bullets, I'd rather take a nice walk
And I'm not a fan of selling drugs out of hands
So I'll continue working at my lemonade stand

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