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Connie IS The X Factor.

Courtesy of Connie ...

This video is a "thanks-giving" gift from Connie Talbot to 'Behind The Secret' Subscribers and Visitors.

Much Love and Appreciation to You, Connie :-)

Connie Talbot captured hearts all around the world when she sang in 'Britain's Got Talent'.

Here you'll see Connie's first commercial on British tv, for her debut album, and you'll hear songs from her album, 'Over The Rainbow' (album recorded at Olympic Studios in London, England).

'Over The Rainbow', the debut album, is released on Monday, November 26th.

CD available at:


'Over The Rainbow' album track listing:

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
2. I Believe
3. White Christmas
4. Smile
5. Imagine
6. Walking In The Air
7. Favourite Things
8. Wonderful World
9. Ben
10. I Will Always Love You
11. Silent Night
12. I Have A Dream

US version of Connie's album

'Over The Rainbow'

Track listing:

1. Over the rainbow
2. I believe
3. Smile
4. Three little birds
5. Imagine
6. Favourite things
7. Any dream will do
8. Wonderful world
9. Ben
10. I will always love you
11. I have a dream
12. You raise me up

US label: AAO Music/Reality

Connie Talbot's website is:


Connie's Got Talent. She has The X Factor. She is Britain's Idol.

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