Junior Kimbrough "Sad Days, Lonely Nights"

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PLEASE COMPLAIN IF ADVERTISEMENTS ARE FOUND ON THIS VIDEO. I HAVE NEVER OPTED INTO YOUTUBE'S MONETIZING PROGRAM, AND YET THEY ARE PLACING ADS ON IT WITHOUT PERMISSION, NOR COMPENSATION. I HAVE ASKED THEM TO REMOVE THE ADS, AND THEY HAVE NOT. I AM HOPING TO AVOID TAKING IT DOWN. THANK YOU This is a music video we made for the late and incredible, Junior Kimbrough. One that we at Little Ruby Pictures are most proud of having made. It was for the last record that Bob Palmer produced for Junior. When we were working with Iggy Pop on our independent, feature length film, Wayne County Ramblin', the video impressed upon him to ask Junior to open for him on the upcoming Iggy Pop tour. We were contracted by Fat Possum Records to make this video way back in 1993; we've been awaiting reimbursement for many a sad day and many a lonely night. Still, was an honor to have met and worked with such a great and talented man. Look for Otha Turner and R. L. Burnside among the patronage at Junior's Juke Joint. We also featured many of the remarkable paintings created by local artist Johnny Hughes, in the video, as well. The juke joint burned down shortly after Junior's passing, and we are sad for the loss of a kind and uniquely gifted musical legend in Mr. Junior Kimbrough. Director; Dan Rose, Producer; Van Anderson, Cinematographer; Keith Blankenship; Lighting & stills; Tana Dubbe, Editor; Terrence Murphy Go to http://www.waynecountyramblin.com/ for more information on our completed feature length project, if so inclined.
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