Charice Gianluca at Ariston the Prayer Rehearsal Vid

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"please try not to upload and post this vid in your YT account"

to witness the rendition of this song by such talented kids made me tremble,
the camcorder cannot capture the magic they created,the emotion they gave
is quite indescribable, some were not even able to react after because they were in awe.

the pre-show shows how down to earth and nice girl charice is. Jet lagged still after a long flight from Philippines, she arrived after midnight yet she is on her feet for the 4 pm rehearsal.

The rehearsal videos show that at the very young age of 16 she has the professionalism of a veteran and the humbleness of a true star.

The post show videos captures what a very amazing person she is.considering all her accomplishment she is very down to earth and never boastful .

I give 100 % credit to her mother for her personality.Being near them even for just a while,i witnessed how they are bonded by love and strong affection.

this channel is for them , for all the people who truly love music, and truly cares for charice and family.

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