Chicago Police Murder Innocent Man

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Page brought to you by *******www.kriminaldefense**** UPDATE: Chicago police officer Alvin Weems, the shoo...
Page brought to you by *******www.kriminaldefense**** UPDATE: Chicago police officer Alvin Weems, the shooter here, has committed suicide. He shot himself. Civil Rights attorney brings episodes of tragic real life. Police brutality in visual realism. Excessive force and other tales of woe. ********www.facebook****/pages/Chicago-Criminal-Defense-and-Civil-Rights-Law-Offices-Jason-R-Epstein/123157287746971 RESULTS - 12 million finding against CPD *******cbs2chicago****/topstories/police.shooting.verdict.2.610928.html FULL STORY HERE!! The ARTICLE regarding this VIDEO and its source: Chicago Police officer seen holding gun shoots man in head point blank. The whole police force covered it up for years until now. No criminal charges were ever filed. *******www.chicagoreader****/features/stories/killedoncamera/ Disgusting news. Chicago Police force screwdriver into rectum of arrested man. Evidence tech attempt to hide it. *******www.chicagotribune****/news/local/chi-screwdriver_alloct17,0,6801143.story?coll=chi-elections-utl *******www.shortnews****/start.cfm?id=65930 Latest CPD Murder Plot Federal Agents arrest Chicago Special Ops Officer at home Jerome Finnegan *******www.chicagotribune****/news/local/chi-finnigan_27sep27,1,3935728.story?track=rss *******chicagoist****/2007/09/26/bad_cop_bad_cop_1.php *******www.chicagotribune****/news/local/chi-finnigan_web_oct02,1,4770600.story?track=rss CHICAGO Police out of control mentions murder plot referenced above: *******cbs2chicago****/investigations/Chicago.Police.Department.2.336624.html 8/7/07 Two more people killed. 8/7/07 Two people killed in one week. One shot in the back by Chicago Police Department. ***********/s/ap/20070808/ap_on_re_us/chicago_police_problems_1 Chicago police kill a child and cover it up. *******www.chicagoreader****/features/stories/copcar/ May 2007 Chicago Police use office to steal credit cards *******www.chicagotribune****/news/local/chi-070504theftmay04,1,1316440.story?coll=chi-news-hed Chicago Police officer steals credit cards: *******www.chicagotribune****/news/local/chi-070504theftmay04,1,1316440.story?coll=chi-news-hed CHIEF Detective hanafan - convicted of running jewel theft ring 2006 *******seclists****/politech/2001/Nov/0025.html Meidenaowski - convicted of running major drug operation from miami to chicago 2004 *******www.findarticles****/p/articles/mi_qn4155/is_20070208/ai_n17203765 (Most corrupt cop ever was never investigated yet they knew). John burge - proven to have tortured defendants for over five years in area five headquarters. *******www.truthinjustice****/chicops.htm *******www.chicagoreader****/policetorture/050402/ Eleven police officers currently in federal court for forcing poor families to give them money or be charged with a crime, theft, robbery, burglary, home invasion. 2007 still pending *******www.usatoday****/news/nation/2006-09-08-police-charges_x.htm Officer steals items from small chinese convenience store. Owner jumps on car cop drags owner. 2004 Chicago police use badge to steal $31,000.00 ******* Chicago police commit drug conspiracies ******* Chicago police commit more burglaries *******cbs2chicago****/topstories/local_story_338071613.html The officers rarely get fired because their union - the fraternal order of police - gets em reinstated. Some officers have caused the city to pay over 3 million dollars to victims on account their violent behavior. Yet their still on the job b/c their union is so powerful. The refusal to recognize the problem only perpetuates it. Police are starting to report each other so maybe, just maybe their is hope. The video of the bartendress being beaten is the product of years of "we are untouchable" attitude, beyond the law, beyond repraoach. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Lying about drugs: ******* Murder plot *******www.policeone****/news_internal.asp?view=117101 Framing people *******abclocal.go****/wls/story?section=News&id=165861 Burglary *******abclocal.go****/wls/story?section=News&id=994355 Chicago police are racist and dont respect police officers: *******www.chicagoreporter****/1999/09-99/0999mainside.htm Chicago police use counterfeit money *******www.findarticles****/p/articles/mi_qn4155/is_20060606/ai_n16453543