4minute ♥ Huh Dance Cover

By: kaotsun


Uploaded on June 10, 2010 by kaotsun Powered by YouTube

PS. haha if I knew Hyuna was gonna grow her hair I wouldn't have cut mine :P our hairstyles were like exactly the same lol even the colour xD

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The reason I put this up, even though it is quite crappy (my bad, I'm so sorry I didn't do my best), apart from getting so many requests for it, is because I'll be very busy starting from like...now...haha, finals are up soon, assignments are due...if I waited I'd most probably become lazy by the time I'm free hahaha~
Also I wasn't feeling too well last night, been really tired lately ^^; promise once I'm free I'll start making proper videos again ^_^; I confess that 2DT was the only one I tried hard so far coz it was for a competition :P but it totally paid back♥

Speaking of the contest, thank you so much to everyone who voted! A day after I entered the contest I woke up to check the Wonder girls channel only to find the page full of (more like over flooded by, actually) suggestions of my video xD I was speechless, seriously I was so shocked by the amount of support I received~! Although the "disqualify kaotsun" was soo popular it really scared me (and honestly I didn't even do anything wrong), I'm glad to know JYPE is just as cool as I imagined them to be xD
you guys are the most amazing bunch of supporters in the whole world, hands down.♥ I wish there was something I could do for you guys (other than dancing haha) ♥

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