Kittens In Space (Song A Day #1156)

By: Jonathan Mann


Uploaded on March 01, 2012 by Jonathan Mann Powered by YouTube

Download This Song For Free (or pay what you want): LIKE ‪‬ RATE ‪‬ DOWNLOAD CALL (510) 402-6081 Maybel and Jeremy They put their space helmets on Many months of training are about to pay off They are feeling excited And proud to be representing all the Kitten race Maybel and Jeremy are going to space Fuel gauge! CHECK! Banana! Double CHECK! Laser pointer! Ahhhh CHECK! Kitties in space! We're getting close to Mars Send a message back to base One small step for kittens One giant leap for kittens in space! Other Places To Connect With Me: FOLLOW me on SoundCloud: FOLLOW me on Instagram: My username is jonathanmann FOLLOW me on Twitter: ‪‬ BE on my mailing list: ‪‬ SUBSCRIBE to me on Facebook: ‪‬ DO what they do on Google+: ‪‬ LOOK at my blog: ‪‬ PLAY with my App! ‪‬
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