I've Got The Hots For My Teacher Episode 5 (marathon 1/10) [18+]

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1/10 marathon

Wow 121 comments in just 1 day and thank you guys for the 900+ subs, Sorry this episode sucks the drama starts on the next one

Jemi:*getting dressed*
Camilla:*looks around* you guys stay here Ill deal with her *leaves*
Maria:oh there you are wheres you sister
Camilla:in her room
Maria:oh Ill go say hi
Camilla:*stands in front of her* you cant
Maria:why not
Camilla:because shes studying for a big test and she doesnt want to be disturbed
Maria:*smiles* Im glad she FINALLY studying
Camilla:yeah me 2
Maria:well Ill leave then I brought you girls food that I made at home its in the kitchen
Camilla:great thanks maria
Maria:well goodbye *leaves*
Camilla:*sighs and goss back to demis room* shes gone thanks to moiwheres your hot teacher
Demi:he left
Demi:he got dressed and left
Camilla:how was he?
Demi:amazing I dont know why I wasted my time with those school boys
Camilla:and you were wondering why I fucked Ill my teachers
Demi:*rolls her eyes*
Camilla:I hope its not weird on Monday at school
Demi:ppfft whatever its not like hes -
(phone rings)
Demi:*pick it up* Hello
DM:hey sweetie
Demi:oh hi mom
DM:honey you will never believe whos getting married
DM:peter and Kelly
Demi:who are peter and Kelly
DM:your fathers friend the point is you and Camilla are flying to Hawaii for the wedding
DM:I have 2 go bye honey
Demi:bye mommy *they hang up*
Camilla:did mom just call
Demi:*smiles* yeah
Camilla:she never calls
Demi:I know
Camilla:what did she say
Demi:were going to Hawaii for peter and Kellys wedding
Camilla:*jumping up and down* yay yay yay *stops* whos peter and whos Kelly
Demi:dads friends
Camilla:oh *grabs demis hand and they jump and down*
Damilla: *jumping up and down* yay yay yay


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