Oh Jean (proto-punk Ukulele Version) #4 from the Commons

By: weegingayin


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Oh Jean is a song by the Scottish Duo the proclaimers. It was the last track on their "sunshine on Leith CD and I was astonished by the raw energy of it. The ending is great. Here is a link to a club performace of Oh Jean by The Proclaimers. They really tear the place down at the ending http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRIukO5w_RU Essential ingrediants for a proto-punk song 1) use 2 chords repetitively (D&A) 2) make the lyrics fuzzy and indistinct 3) make lots of mistakes 4) sing with a scottish accent 5) as mistakes increase go for a vocal frenzy 6) shout and grunt when vocals are not sufficient.
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