How to Breakdance: Windmill Tutorial by Bboy Remedy (NEW)

By: Muzicsoulrhythm


Uploaded on March 06, 2010 by Muzicsoulrhythm Powered by YouTube

Check out our 5 Chapter Bboy Guide: Available for download upon request! Chapters cover toprocks, footwork, freezes, basic moves, & power moves. Essential for all bboys. If you like our style of teaching pick up your copy now! Everyone has been asking the pimp daddy of windmills bboy remedy to make his own version of the windmill tutorial. Here it is ya'll remedy teaching and droppin knowledge on windmills. I made my tutorial almost 3 years ago and although it has been helpful to many this is just another tutorial with a different perspective. BEATROCKERS Facebook: Subscribe to Beatrockers Crew Member YouTube pages for more clips, footage, tutorials, & blogs (Bboy Remedy) (Shawn Phan) (Dz) FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: Email: (Shawn aka. MuzicsoulRhythm) Email: (Joe aka. Bboy Remedy) SHAWN PHANS BLOG: UPDATES, THOUGHTS, VIDEOS, TUTORIALS, & KNOWLEDGE! -SUBSCRIBE TO GET UPDATED ON ALL NEW DANCE TUTORIALS, MOVE OF THE DAY, FOOTAGE, PERFORMANCES, AND KNOWLEDGE! -RATE (5) STARS IF YOU LOVE IT/(1) STAR IF YA HATE IT COMMENT! THE FEEDBACK OF THE COMMUNITY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US! WE MAKE THESE VIDEOS FOR ALL THE DANCERS, STARTERS, FANS, & -SUBSCRIBERS! YOUR OPINION MATTERS SO LEAVE IT!
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