Wipeout Funniest Moment Ever (S3E3)

By: enderfish001


Uploaded on June 26, 2010 by enderfish001 Powered by YouTube

This was in my opinion the funniest moment I've ever seen on Wipeout. I basically bypassed the laughter and went straight to tears. When she finally gets to the top you get worried that she is going to be hit by the boot, but right before it happens she collapses on her own and is slowly pushed off the platform.. just hilarious!

I'm mainly uploading this so I can have access to it wherever I go :) Any rude comments will be deleted.

**I'm sorry guys but there were just too many rude and insensitive comments so I'm going to turn them off. She chose to do this show so I feel its fair to laugh at the bails like any other contestant, but a lot of the comments were going too far.

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