Unbiased Coverage:The Israel-Palestine Conflict Part 1 [18+]

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Alternate Focus - Broadcasting The Other Side Of The Story
Alison Weir ( the founder of IF AMERICANS KNEW ), the editor of a small-town newspaper in California, knew very little about the Israeli-Palestinian ... all conflict, other than what she had gleaned from the evening news or newspaper headlines. As a journalist, her attention was on issues much closer to home. Neither a muslim nor a jew, she nevertheless became more curious about the topic of the Palestinian uprising. And as she researched it, she became increasingly suspicious that the American media were not telling us the whole story. Months later, she traveled to the occupied territories as an independent journalist to find out for herself what the U.S. media seemed to be omitting. Three months after returning from Palestine, Alison Weir quit her job and founded If Americans Knew, an organization dedicated to quantifying the ways in which the American media was misinforming the public about the conflict. Ms. Weir explains her group's methodology, analyzes the data, and reports on the key findings. Producers: Paul Chek and John Odam (2006)

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