Kaai 08 Extermination Montage

By: Kaai08


Uploaded on November 09, 2009 by Kaai08 Powered by YouTube

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Im sorry if your dissapointed by this montage, I had fun recording but this was the gayest longest thing ever to edit render and upload.

I had the tage 90% editied about a month ago.. then I lost the folder where i had rendered all my clips so I had to re render and re edit all of the clips again! -.-

The Quality sucks becuase my PC was failing and I could only render in DRAFT quality. So please dont moan about it. Then my vegas wouldnt render anything so i had to render it a million times in small parts.

If you dont like the music im sorry i couldnt download any music for this tage so I had to use songs from my Ipod.

If you dont like sniper lobbies im sorry my MW2 vids will be NoN sniper lobby. And I havent recorded in nearly 2 months so I havent got any nice fresh gameplay in there. I also had hundreds of clips left over, i probly wont do anything with though because MW2 is here.

But yeah if just relax and watch it you mite enjoy it a bit.

I will take on constructive criticism but flat out gay and negative comments will be removed, and user possibly blocked.

Shoutout to my fans and my naggers, theres too many to name I Love you =)

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