HHO Dry Cell #7, 5.23 MMW

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Seventh in the series. This Video is reloaded due to playing problems.

I have rebuilt my cell to 5 cells with varied spaces between the cells set up so the negative plates have double spaces and the positives are single.

-ssNssNsNsNs+sNsNsNssNss- and so on, **I did try it in reverse with poor results**

Since current flows from negative to positive my thought was to allow more space close to the source of current and in turn more room for flow. I'm not sure of my results since all my testing so far has been done with the pump running (RIP), should have my pump by Monday at the latest (I hope) and I will run this test again to get a accurate comparison.

On a side note, after yesterdays experiment I have ordered more plates and gaskets from www.fireinthewater.com to use for high voltage testing. If I can get a good result from that then I'll purchase an inverter an see it that will get my numbers where I want them.

**Extra note** I tried raising my cell up so that the top was near the bottom of my reservior to shorted the return tube height.

Result: good gas flow but almost zero cycling of the electrolyte.

Conclusion: for convection flow a height difference is necessary. However, at a certain point high output of gas will cause the fluid to separate from the gas in the return tube and fall back into the cell.

And I just like the pump.

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