My Home Made 36HP Go-Kart

By: samuelleonard


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This go kart/Buggy was made by my dad, my uncle, and myself. it started life as a kawasaki GPX 250 and it didn't run when we got it. we bought the bike for $900 and the next few weekends were cleaning the carby idle and main jets and general maintenance of the motor like new spark plugs and a heap of other stuff. now she runs like new. we then took it all apart and left the motor and electrics sitting there for a couple of months while we built the frame and got all of that done and when we put it back together in the go kart it didn't run. we did all the same things and got it to run again idling very low and it very rarely stalls. all up it cost between 1500 and 2000 to make it but it was worth all the trouble it gave us.

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