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Jung und nicht mehr jugendfrei - Tokio Hotel
Shake your ass - Mystikal
Thema nr. 1 - Tokio Hotel

A movie about Tokio hotel. I just had so many funny pictures of Tokio hotel (Well.. there's mostly Bill & Tom but ok..:P)
I thought I'd do something with it!
So enjoy watching! Oh and leave a comment!

This video is not meant to insult anyone, I love the band Tokio Hotel more than anything in the world, and this is just meant for a good laugh!

Also I want to thank all the viewers, for watching my video & commenting, and even subscribing to my videos!!! Thank you SOOOOO much it means a lot to me!
I mean... almost 700.000 views and over a 1000 comments! It's awesome, thanks!

X. Miriam

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