Westbury Bypass - Do We Really Need One?

By: fallyhag


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A typical weekday in the sleepy town of Westbury, Wiltshire. Famed for the lovely countryside and historic White Horse.

To live in Westbury you have to belong to one of two camps. Those who live on the outskirts and those who live in Westbury. Those living in Westbury may have a cause to complain when you witness the shocking level of HGV traffic thundering on through day upon day. Those living in their lovely cottages are more worried about the badgers on hearing the news that there "might" be a bypass.

Have a look at my video. I simply walked around Westbury on a normal weekday outside of the busy commuter hour and just filmed what I saw.

What do you think? Protect the lovely countryside or make Westbury a cleaner, safer and nicer place to live in?

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