Best Nepali Music Video - Lagi Lagi - Farz (Salman Khan and Karishma Kapoor)

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New Nepali movie song "Lagi Lagi" from movie "Farz", starring Ramit Dhungana and Richa Ghimire. Video made by Dinesh, and dedicated especially to Bishow, our Salman Khan, and all other viewers.

Lagi Lagi - Farz
Lagi Lagi - Farz
Lagi Lagi - Farz

The song has been declared hit all around Nepal right now. Please be known that this is not the actual video of the song. The song is from Nepali movie "Farz" and video from Hindi movie "Dulhan Hum Le Jaayenge". The video has been edited quite a few times, but the song is original.

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