Voicemail Fun with Voices and Accents [18+]

By: misscupcake1


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Here are some of the people I used:

Elizabeth Hurley
Leah Remini, from King of Queens
Mrs Taylor or nan taylor from the catherine tate show
Effie, a greek aussie icon
Ashley a character of mine (ashleylikesstuff)
Lil' Loca (I havent listened to her for a long time so I know I didn't sound like her that much, but that's the kinda voice I was going for)
Britney Spears singing Circus
Cousin It from The Addams Family (I didn't plan on doing that but my hair gave me the idea)
Britini, another character of mine (sunshinelollipops86)
Lauren from the catherine tate show
Sarah Palin (I know it wasn't very good)
Sharon Osbourne, wife of Ozzy
(I had the song Mmm Papi by Britney Spears in my head and burst into song at times)
Lucy-Lou, another character of mine
E-News voice
Samantha from Sex and The City
Ghetto voice, not sure who I based it on
Tiffany, another character of mine
Blanche from The Golden Girls
Girl from Are You Being Served, can't remember her name
another Lauren from the catherine tate show
Child voice
Karen from Will And Grace LOL I love her
Snobby London voice inspired by The Pam Ann Show
Deb from Napoleon Dynamite
That freaky sound from 'The Grudge'
Sandra Sully an Australian newsreader on channel 10
more singing
Gradual Report, I love that guy. He's like a young Jim Carrey and you all know how I feel about Jim.
Then a random, silly moment where I (badly) sing Circus by Britney Spears

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