Passive Mobile Pgone Interceptor

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As part of our continuing research we are now able to offer a passive or semi monitoring system for one encrypted networks of GSM / CDMA / AMPS /PHS.
This system is completely transparent in operation to the service provider, maintaining optimum confidentially for the operator.
The single duplex system is capable of monitoring in excess of two thousand targets simultaneous providing target and correspondent call data TMSI, IMSI, IMEI, dialed number, time and date and two way speech recording of one target. The number of targets can be increased with a three channel version.

The system is contained within a discreet carrying case and can be powered by any mains supply or from a car battery and AC power.

Solution description:
Example of GSM850/1900Mhz or 900/1800Mhz:
Automatic or manual scanning of frequency channels search for emission of system cells.
Definition of work regimes and emission parameters.
Auto or manual adjustment of reception tracks on receipt of signal from base station.
Saving of adjustment current configuration as a file on disk.
You can see which number was calling the target mobile, (if call ID is available) Identify the base station or a mobile calling the Mobil.
Signal and quality leve. Saves up to 2000 TMSI and or IMSI and or IMEI per Target mobile in the data bank.
The line of site from the Passive 900/1800 to the target should be between approximately. 350 to 500 metres (the mobile phones have a low power output with a maximum Output of 2 Watts) and the distance from the cell is possible up to aprox.5 to 10 Km.

Once any of the number has been stored (as the TMSI, IMSI, or the IMEI) the unit will search the cells and will locked into the Target Phone if it is in operation in the network.
The system can monitor and search up to 124 different cells.
The laptop system will Record automatically 8 the conversation and will save them to a WAV file at same time. If need it monitor more, must use PC to process the work

Auto loading of any previously saved configurations.
Recording facility of conversations onto PC hard disk, or to exterior recording system.
Auto monitoring of subscribers from database.
Ability to listen to conversations in real time.
Ability to hold and display the protocol of transactions in receiving base stations and protocol of monitored subscribers.
Display of current conditions of receipt channels (presence of synchronization, level and strength of signal, and activity in temporary slots) Monitoring radius circa +/- 500mtrs.

The GSM Passive 900/1800(850/1900~2150 MHz) is a system based on a laptop computer built into an attach suitcase, this can be carried all over the world.
It total weights are 11kg. The unit operates on 12V DC that can be supplied from the car cigarette lighter or by a power supply through the normal electricity outlets.

The unit intercepts GSM phones operating on both 900 and 2150 Mhz( 850 and 1900Mhz) frequencies in a stereo mode. This means that you can listing to the cell from the mobile itself on one channel, and on the second channel to the other party via the cell, you will see on the CRT display all relevant data like:

1.The TMSI Number is the allocation number given by the cell to the Mobil.
2.The IMSI Number is The SIM card number.
3.The IMEI Number is The ID number of the phone, which was given to it by the manufacturer.

The system operates on both the Non Encrypted and Encrypted GSM network.
Warranty. The system carries a 1 year warranty.
Due to the nature of the system no names of official or governmental dep. will be released. End user certificate will be required

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