Aunt Peg & Kay Parker Star

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********** *******taboo.wq2rx**** *******robinhood.wq2rx****/ *******e-skunk****** ********** Juliet Anderson (born Judith Carr on July 23, 1938 in Burbank, California, USA) is an American porn star. After teaching English language courses for several years in Mexico, Japan, Greece and Finland, Anderson returned to the United States in the 1970s and became involved in the pornography industry. She entered the business relatively late in life at nearly forty years of age. She developed a serious reputation as a horny nympho who never faked an orgasm . The majority of her early career consisted of 8mm loops produced by the Swedish Erotica stable. One of these loops wound up becoming her "signature role" as Aunt Peg. The name was acquired from a throwaway line in one specific loop, where she is referred to rather emphatically as "Aunt Peg" during a threesome between herself, John Holmes, and her "niece", Sharon Kane. The name stuck, and even after Anderson moved from 8mm loops to feature films and began going by "Juliet Anderson", if she was not sub-billed as "Aunt Peg" on the posters and box cover text, she was identified as such in the reviews.