Witches, Ghosts and the Sheep - Pendle Hill



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http://www.paganrod.com/ Witches of Pendle Hill. Ghosts and the haunted sheep.
Witches summit. Łysa Góra. Góra czarownic.

Pendle Hill is located in Lancashire, England.
The area is associated with witches and the very famous trial of them. The summit alone is attracting many pagan visitors, especially on Halloween.

Isolated hill, (resembling in shape an up-side-down iron), with marvelous views, 557 meters (1,827 ft) above mean sea level.

The area is also popular with ghost hunters, after Living channel's top show 'Most Haunted' visited the hill for a live investigation on Halloween 2004.

We visited Pendle Hill on one night trip in 2006. Very windy and the sheep wanted to go to bed right where we were sitting, so weve got to descend, after dusk. When you are up there, you see the vastness of the horizon and space you may have never experienced before!


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