Turbo R6 Preview

By: imprezatt


Uploaded on June 24, 2009 by imprezatt Powered by YouTube

2003 Yamaha YZF-R6, Turbocharged, TD04L-13T turbocharger from a stock 2004 subaru WRX, custom intake manifold, custom turbo manifold, custom oil supply and sump system, power commander III, oem injectors, autometer boost gauge, custom boost controller, custom intake plumbing, custom custom custom!

ordering a suction mount to make a nice tank-mount video of it running. Was dyno tuned last year before the oil system was re-worked, made 135 WHP. 9psi.

Last year best run was 11.52@135mph. (yes, the time sucks, you try keeping this thing down without an extension or lowering kit, or both.)

More to come later :)

Also, don't ask me for tips or how-to's. I woln't respond, If this video is not clear enough indication of what I have done here for you, you probably shouldn't be attempting this in the first place.

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