Slavine - Return to Me

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Hi to all Slavine Pillows there!!., so I made this video, weeks before the Big Night. This is my first video so its not that good., (sorry for that)..,This is sort of a teaser sa ginagawa ko sanang story.. na inspire kasi ako sa stories ng Slavine EpicLove ehh so I made mine but because marami akong trabaho napag-iwanan tuloy, i'm not sure kung matatapos ko pa yun but here's how the story goes.. ---------- Slater met this simple girl. Her name is Divine. She brings out the best and worst in Slater. After months of friendship, he came to realize that he loved Divine. So he pursued her. They have been in a wonderful relationship for almost 5 years but it was easily broken because of jealousy and betrayal. At first it was just speculations until she saw Slater with his other woman cuddling in their apartment. ----- Divine can' t control her anger so as Slater but his pride was so over the top that he didn't even apologize to her. She can't take all the hurting anymore so she chose to leave him, to let go of him and get a new life. She found herself wanting to manage a boutique with her sister in London. She motivated herself. She has changed, from a simple girl who wears only jeans and shirt to a sophisticated woman who engaged herself to fashion. Her passion for tattoos still was with her.And then she met Carlo. ----- Slater who was in the league of making his life miserable (his construction company went bankrupt because he destroyed himself after their break up) chose to change and make his life better. He then rebuilt his company and soon that simple construction business became one of the world's best. Along that success is the lonesome side of his life. He wasn't able to move on even this long period of time. He could never forget Divine. He risked his life on searching for her, to rebuild their relationship and soon get the life he wanted with her but it ended up with nothing. ------- Slater is in search for a consultant for a new project his company is going to handle. One of his friends, Paco, introduced him to Carlo Romero ( the best one can get). But as an engineer and businessman he requested Paco for a background check on Carlo. He was surprised to know that Carlo Romero is Divine Maitland-Smith's boyfriend. Knowing that it would affect him so much, he still considered Carlo so that he could have the chance to cross paths with Divine. He was right! Their paths crossed and they still could feel the love for each other.. ------ Slater felt so happy to see Divine and they spoke. He told her everything he went through after they broke up..and Divine told him that she's already going to tie the knot with Carlo,,but Slater can't control himself, the passion, the need and the want ...and then SPG comes!! (hahaha.,).. ------ Two days after the wedding, Divine discovered that she was pregnant., and the father is Slater.. The only person she told about what happened between her and Slater is her bestfriend, Wendy.. They chose to hide that secret., the secret that the child Divine bore was not from Carlo's flesh and blood.. ------ and then hanggang jan lang ang natapos ko.. the twist and turns of Carlo and Divine's marraige and Slater's life after that is hindi ko na nagawan.. hay naku..anu ba yan!!., --- kung sino man yung gustong ipagpatuloy tong storyang toh., or gustong gawan ng remake.. YOU HAVE MY WORD!! God Bless and Good Luck!!., hindi lang kasi talaga ako sure kung matatapos ko ito.. ang dami kong trabaho ngayon ehh... ----- HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!., ENJOY.. :)
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