Massive Fireworks EXPLOSIONS July 4th San Diego

By: Surf's Up Studios - Coron


Uploaded on July 05, 2012 by Surf's Up Studios - Coronado Island, California Powered by YouTube

San Diego Fireworks explode all at once! At 1:36 into video look for UFO Alien light crossing from right to left near San Diego - Coronado Bridge. Fireworks explode all at once in San Diego. Massive explosions over bay. Huge mushroom clouds. July 4th Fireworks Unexpected Massive Explosions San Diego Premature Blast-offs! All three barges of Fireworks EXPLODE all at once in these massive and amazing EXPLOSIONS! San Diego Fireworks Big Bay Boom Boo-Boo of 2012. Watch the entire San Diego Big Bay Boom Show...All Explosions and Great Mushroom Clouds!
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