Flower™ - Official Trailer

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Uploaded on February 09, 2009 by PlayStation Powered by YouTube

Flower™ lets you take control of the wind as you explore and navigate beautiful, lush environments using only the SIXAXIS motion controls. This is an interactive escape that takes you on an emotional journey like no other game you've ever experienced. From the developers of flOw, experience Flower. Available exclusively on PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3.


Flower is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. ©2008 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Developed by thatgamecompany.

Catch The Wind written by Donovan Leitch ©1965 Donovan (Music) Limited. 'Catch The Wind' performed by Donovan courtesty of Sanctuary Records. Licensed by kind permission from the Universal Film & TV Licensing Division. The licensed music used in conjunction with this footage is not indicative of the music in the game.

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