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Pure Pwnage is an internet mock-u-mentory based around the life of Canadian gamer Jeremy, or teh_pwnerer as he is better known, a leet gamer who has all "the micro", his friend Kyle who's mostly behind the camera and the slightly psychotic Doug -- famous for giving the gaming world the term "Boom Headshot".

From their early days using a borrowed camera and their mates as cast and crew, Pure Pwnage has now grown to become an internet phenomenon with each episode getting over three million downloads and turning its stars, Jeremy and Kyle, into gamer household names.


Hey noobs, I'm going to like totally like pwn you noobs
Cause I pwn you, like I pwn you like pretty hard and stuff right
I'm going to give you some spanks
Just like you're like Kyle and you suck ass at all the games you try to play
Cause I pwn you, I pwn you like pretty hard and stuff right
(nice) Pwn you.. I pwn you like you're like somebody's mom trying to play the games
I pwn you (Is that on? I dont think)
I will pwn you.. sometime.. maybe when we play the game

[Hey Noobs la la la la la la la la la la
I pwn you la la la la la la la la la]
Noobs.. I just like, kind of want to let you know,
That like I totally like pwn, like you.. and ahh,
You know you may think that like maybe one day like maybe I won't like anymore,
But that's wrong..I'm always going to pwn you, cause I'm teh_pwnerer, it's just what I do

[I pwn you la la la la la la la la la la
like you're someone's mom la la la la la la la la la]
I pwn you like pretty hard and stuff right, oh you want some of that?
You're someones mom.. Oh you begging for the mercy now

I'm gonna give you some spanks.. Cause you're total noob and you'll suck ass at every game you try to play
I pwn all.

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