Jakks Retro Arcade Featuring Pac-Man Review

By: Darrylb500


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A review of the Plug It In and Play unit containing:Pac-ManPac-Man PlusSuper Pac-ManPac & PalNew Rally-XXeviousGalaxianGalagaMappy Dig DugBosconianPole PositionSorry I don't have decent video footage -- some shots are taken from MAME though -- I'll eventually redo this video once I get a video camera with just the game footage, which it'll be a lot shorter then too!There's also a funny frame rate deal (think it is) in a couple of brief shots where it looks like Pac-Man doesn't move his mouth, which he does, it's just how the footage ended up looking on here though.Also, after only three months of use -- and I don't abuse my gaming stuff -- the control for Pole Position went out, as the car suddenly started jumping to the side on the track. Luckily it was still under warranty, so I exchanged it for a new one. Oh well, it's cheap assembled overseas stuff, what else can you expect?Review can be seen at Stage Select at http://www.stageselect.com/47628--Reviews--retro-arcade-featuring-pacman.aspx

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