How to GO INTO LABOR Within 8 Hours!!!!

By: mrandrewgarrison


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My beautiful wife is 40 weeks pregnant to the day in this video~~ We just got home from our belly doctor and she told us that our daughter Mia Lee would most likely be born a week late???? Then, about 8 hours later we went into labor!!!! I truly believe it's because of my wife's baby belly Vanilla Ice/ Boyz II Men dance off!!!! Really, how normal is this for anyone 40 weeks pregnant to be able to have these kinda moves and so much darn style....... So if you're having trouble getting to your due date, pay close attention to the combo dance moves and get the car ready dad!!!! Nowadays, I'm just one proud husband and a new father of a gorgeous daughter for this, and know deep in my heart that our little one will be just as skilled on the living room dance floor!!! I never thought I'd be saying thanks to Vanilla Ice and Boyz II Men~

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