April and Ollie Finally Alone 12:59am Fri

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Seems her target is Memphis- Thinks about who to put up as a pawn, decides it has to be Jessie- Ollie pawning all over how wonderful she is nonstop- She talks of how keesha went to talk to memphis (too long) according to april's opinion and that pisses her off- meanwhile downstairs k and renny are whispering - k wants to save memphis and knows april's gonna try to get him out.. k and ren conspiring against april and k calls april conceited- k's trying to figure way to save memphis with votes and then they discuss how libra's weak and ollie and april are using her to get to final 2 (so ollie can win 50 g's and april winning big $$)- they discuss breaking up libra from ollie and april

this all was centered around renny telling k that she was in the rm when april stated her displeasure about k talking to memphis for so long- k got mad about that-

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