【SDGO】SR Rank X2-KAI Gundam by Icydark

By: badlukbaday


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Today I introduce you guys the new SR rank Gundam,X2-Kai. It is a very powerful paper type suit. Its weapons have very high damage, the damage is so high that it might cause the suit to be nerved in the future. In its first form, It has a machine gun that has very high damage, It can easily wipe out a rock type suit. Although its very powerful, but the range is very short,so becareful when using this weapon in front of your target,because you might end up with shooting each other with your enemy,which is a lose-lose situation. In the video, I took away the 1/5 HP of the F91 with just one shot of the sniper rifle. Although it has very high damage, but it has very long cooldown, and slow when opening fire. When the second skill is being activated, the second weapon(hand gun) has almost infinite ammo, because the cooldown is so short.
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