Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin - Misheard Lyrics

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Boredom meets MS Paint in the most epic Movie Maker throwdown of the century.

I left the chorus and a few key parts alone to make the song at least KINDA recognizable.

The transition to YouTube BUTCHERED some of the type, but the one with the goat says "fly on your goats" and the boat one says "it's time to row".

I did this in like an hour, so cut me some slack. I'll spoil the troll's fun by listing it's flaws:

-Speech font changes
-Can barely see speech bubble on the moose
-There's the occasional white strip along the edges
-Forgot the horizon line in "I am losing sight again"

THERE. HA! I win by critiquing my own video.

Enjoy everyone.

BTW, i'm not bashing BB at all, i happen to really like this song.
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UPDATE- 5/13/09-

60.5k views? how did this get so popular?
Oh well. i guess i can't always be mediocre. Thanks everyone!

UPDATE- 9/16/09-

100k views? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. well thanks. a lot of small countries dont even have that many people. cool.

UPDATE- 4/20/10-

good god, 212,000 views and it's the most liked misheard lyrics video on youtube? this is sick. thanks everyone.


over 400,000? ...???? i actually hate this video now but im glad everyone else likes it haha

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