CD10K Mugen: Cyber Akuma Vs. Qwer's Haohmaru

By: CyberDragon10K


Uploaded on April 26, 2007 by CyberDragon10K Powered by YouTube


- 8th Mugen video by me. O=
- 8th Mugen video for Cyber Akuma. :D
- 2nd "Best of Seven" match! x3

This is not a conventional match by me. As there are issues with fighting my opponent head-on, I have figured out a method to beat him using a loophole in his A.I. coding. This is NOT a traditional fight.

This is a "Best of Seven" match, meaning you must win four rounds in order to win the match. Three matches are again included for the hell of it. ;P

I wanted a challenge, I really did. Somehow, I almost doubted I could do it after watching this guy in action, but I'm no wuss. So I took him down. :P

Master Gouken's Haohmaru has pretty bare bones A.I., but qwerwgrebew gave him massive ampage in combo-ing and ferocity. Seriously, this guy makes Capuchino's Haohmaru look like a sissy, and THAT Haohmaru is pretty tough as is! Obviously, a defensive strategy was in order. oO;;

It's fairly obvious from the video, but I found a HUGE hole in his A.I. that I exploited to my advantage. Ironically, Chosen Ken shares a similar hole as well. Lacking parry/dodge features on Cyber Akuma forced me to fight intelligently. :/

I stayed up until 3:00 AM last night trying to get my quadruple perfect on this guy... but he simply WOULD NOT YIELD. Damn you and your cursed cheap, random A.I. Haohmaru! Damn you! òÓ

Stage: Ancient Ring (King of Fighters: NeoWave)
BGM: Hubris (Soul Calibur II)

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