Secret Room 2010: Shaun Toub Actor, Iron Man, The Air Bender

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Every year, before the Oscars, Hollywood is a buzz with actors who need to get ready for 'The Big Night'- This is where The Secret Room steps in, it is a pre-Oscar event where actors and celebrities go to get pampered and primed for The Academy Awards, whether they are nominated, watching from home, or just going to the after parties, The Secret Room has something for everyone. was invited to check it out, and show you how you can live it up like your favorite actors & actresses. Though for the philanthropically minded out there, City of Hope was on premises, asking the celebrities to donate what they got in their giftbags and sign them for auction, where the proceeds would help fund City of Hope (to find out more, please go to Mingle Media TV brought two hosts for the Secret Room, Andrea Fellman of the blog & on twitter @SavvySassyMoms, and Leah Segedie of &, also on twitter @BookieBoo- we spoke to Shaun Toub, who played Yinsen, the man that saved Tony Stark's life in the 2008 blockbuster 'Iron Man,' and has a pivitol role in the upcoming M. Night Shaymalan movie 'The Last Airbender'
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