Wind in the Willows - School Days (1/2)

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The first part of the School Days episode of Wind In The Willows by Cosgrove Hall, 1986...

"Badger learns that the school teacher, Mrs Gribble, is away visiting her sick mother and therefore the school is closed. Badger suggests that he, Mole and Rat take the children for classes until she comes back. Toad also wants to teach, and opens his Academy For The Children Of Gentlepersons. Mole teaches his students about tunneling in warfare, Badger teaches a spot of Latin and Roman history, and Rat uses his boat to explain Newton' laws of physics. Meanwhile, Toad's lessons of made-up history result in most of his class dropping out and moving to Mole's or Rat's. With just one student left, Toad pulls out his old chemistry set and demonstrates what happens when you mix white powder with incompetence."

(The second part can be found here: )

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