IPhone Paper Clip Stand

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Or get a http://www.gogostand.com that fits in your wallet. I created the GoGoStand since we needed a more portable solution. Keep reading for the paper clip template...

Get the template at my website (in PDF):

So I was wanting to watch Napoleon Dynamite. But I didn't have a way to prop up my iPhone. I went online to look for instructions on creating any kind of make-shift stand but all I came up with was some triangle thing made out of a dollar bill and also a retail item called the Bat Rest. The Bat Rest is a great idea... but I wanted something NOW.

Anyway, long story short, after a couple of failures, I came up with this shape.

Will it scratch my phone?
No it won't scratch your iphone if you do it right. Check out the video responses to see the stand done with the plastic-coated paper clips. Also notice how the ends of the paper clip are bent outwards so when you rest the phone on the stand properly, those tips don't even touch your phone.

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