Hope Faith And The Promise

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The way we see God means everything if we see him as a grumpy man than we will be uptight when we speak with him.If we see him Him as a distant God then when we speak with him we will be less likely to know His love for us and be less likely to ask him for anything. On the other hand, if we see him for who he truly is, a faithful friend then we are able to boldly ask for anything knowing that our daddy will do it for us. As we walk with this faithful friend we learn how to hear his voice and discern his word. As we receive his word we grow in faith because faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. Therefore it is important that we learn to walk with God in fellowship and speak with him in depth. When we neglect fellowship there is greater resistance in our walk with God.We find our selves struggling to pray. This is true because in fellowship the strength of God gives us what we need to serve him in efficacy. Hope is vital in this whole affair because it is the seed of faith, it opens the door for one to be fully convinced and assured of what God has promised. Hope grows when we give thanksgiving and praise because when we give praise God releases hope. There is a mutual exchange in thanksgiving. We are not giving to get but it's important to know what happens in thanksgiving. Your motivation is pivotal to the Lord he is not interested in his children thanking him just so they can get more stuff. This is a love relationship in which both parties are violently chasing each other. We praise God for what he has done for us and what he will do in the future. When we walk in this 3 simple things fellowship, hope and faith then we are a guaranteed to see the promise. Let us not forget the promise is ours and it belongs to us because Christ paid the price at Calvary but now our part is to get the promise to manifest by faith and with his help.
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