300 Spartan

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*So before you make any dumb ass remarks like: He is gay. That is a crappy outfit. He isn't a real Spartan...bla bla bla. FIRST THINK: "I am just going to sound like a complete moron if I say anything like that."

FIRST! He is not a real Spartan, he is a pro athlete performing a routine.

SECOND! He is not gay, not that there is anything wrong with homosexuals, they are humans like everyone else, so there is no need to bash someone for that, especially when they are NOT gay.

THIRD: OF COURSE HIS OUTFIT ISN'T PROFESSIONAL!!! The helmet is a replica, the spear is made out of a plastic broom stick, the shin-gaurds are old soccer equipment, the shield is a grabage can lid, and the sandals were bought at Wal-Mart.

So please save your dumb ass comments. If you think this is stupid or gay, than why the hell are you watching it? Go away, no one likes you, take your stupid immature comments somewhere else. I'm getting tired of deleting them. Watch it for what it is - a routine, and enjoy it for what it's ment to be - entertainment.


PS: The guy and girl screaming are myself (his brother) and his wife. A little family support never hurt anyone, so shut up :)

A Spartan soldier performing his body building routine at the Fame Ian Walling Classics 2007.

Eric Franciosa - Fame Muscle Model Pro

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