Let's Microwave Soap

By: WoodysGamertag


Uploaded on March 27, 2012 by WoodysGamertag Powered by YouTube

Check out GammaLabs: http://gammagamers.com/buy-ptf/ -- Code "Woody5" gets you 15% off http://www.facebook.com/gammagamers I expect one of #TeamGamertag to win that Platinum Ticket :D (or team Tmart, same team to be honest :) ) I should warn you, if you try this in your parents microwave you will get caught. The smell takes over the entire house and it's hard to clean up. Leave the idiocy to me. LOL About 100 of you may have seen the first version of this vid. It was only live for 1 minute. It had 15 minutes of black screen on it so I had to delete, rerender, and reupload.
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