Would You Rather??

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Iwalk4tnt has a new book. These are questions from her new book. This is a fun one. Why don't ya'll do this one too?

1.) Would you rather have a type of Tourette's Syndrome where you periodically exclaim "Booyah!"
or have a facial tick to the rhythm of the opening bars of "Eye of the Tiger"??

2.) Would you rather have an hour long chat with your 12 yr old self or your 72 yr old self?

3.) Would you rather have unlimited texting or permission for unlimited farting?

4.) Would you rather live in a world where women earned on average 25% more than men or
where men experienced menstrual cycles, symptoms, and cramps?

5.) Would you rather work off of a computer from 1978 or wear the fashion of 1978?

6.) Would you rather sweat profusely from the hours of 6 to 7 PM or insistently think your name is Darryl for the entire month of February each year?

7.) Would you rather have moving tattoos or a tattoo that changed each day to an image that expressed how you are feeling??

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