12 Volt Dc Air Conditioner

By: wuberman


Uploaded on February 25, 2009 by wuberman Powered by YouTube

My homemade air conditioner run off 12 volt battery's, which are charged by my solar panels. Viewable in my other videos. When global warming (Summer) arrives I will retire my solar furnace and use my homemade AC.
It uses eight 2 liter plastic pop bottles pre-frozen in the freezer. I plan on having a total of 24 bottles frozen so I can rotate them as needed. This unit is for the rec-room t.v. room and is limited by the length of the cord hooked to my battery's. I plan on making a AC model so I can cool the bedroom. Fan is a china built 12 watt 2 speed model maybe six inch's across. One 2 inch pvc fitting screwed into quarter inch plywood.

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