Davos Open Forum 2009 - A Solution for the Middle East?

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Davos Open Forum 2009 - Is There a Solution for the Middle East?
In November 2007, after years of violence, Israel and Palestine agreed on the resumption of peace negotiations. However, and in spite of the change of government in Israel, the conclusion of a peace agreement seems to have been postponed indefinitely.

1) Is there a solution for the Middle East?
2) What influence do Europe and the US have?
3) To what extent do external threats create political unity within Israel?
4) How does the religious conviction of the "promised land" affect political conflict?

This session is co-organized with the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (SEK-FEPS).

Abdul M. Al Jaber, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Paltel Group, Palestinian Territories
David Rosen, Chief Rabbi, International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Relations, USA
Ulrike Wohlrab, Priest, Israel

Moderated by
Susanne F. Wille, Journalist, Swiss Television SF DRS, Switzerland

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