Club Dance For Men - Cheesy Dance Moves (Level 2)

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For full dance lessons, visit for videos on DVD/Digital Download. I teach how to dance with good style, but sometimes you have to kick back, not be so serious, and have some fun in the clubs. Here are some cheesy dance moves and tips you can do in the clubs! This lesson and much more (over 3 hours worth!) are covered in my Level 2: Confidence DVD.

If you're a guy (or know a guy) who can't dance, has no rhythm, think you're the worst dancer in the world, stands all night by the bar at the clubs, wants more moves, or just want to have more fun in the nightclubs, then the step-by-step lessons covered in my DVD series will help you out! I've taught hundreds of guys how to dance in the nightclubs, and everything I teach is practical and based on my experience.

The lessons are simple with practices and focus more on getting the moves looking right than being fancy. The Club Dance Style suits all the major club music styles including hip hop, urban, Top 40, dance, house, electro, funk, Latin, and rock/country.

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