(Airsoft) EGLM Star on MK16 Marui

By: KhanSeb


Uploaded on April 30, 2011 by KhanSeb Powered by YouTube

Quick view of the EGLM Star, a FN grenade launcher made to fit on the Scar L and the Scar H. You can also fit it on an M4, if it has RIS or RAS. I guess.

A little more ergonomic than the M203.

The recorded sound is not great. It's much louder in real life.

I'm obviously dry firing it. I'll make an other video of it to show how what can how shot it does when you put bb's in the grenades...

I bought the EGLM second hand from an other airsofter player, for about 90 €. I don't think you can buy the EGLM separatly from the Star Scar.

I use king arms grenades.

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