Pink Floyd 2001:A Floyd Odyssey

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Published 27 Jan 2011
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This is a clip of a bonus Floyd synch included on the 2 DVD set 2001:A Floyd Odyssey.

This is the movie contact synched to Floyds, Welcome to the Machine,Shine on you Crazy Diamond and Wish You Were Here.

There is so much on 2001:A Floyd Odyssey that it had to be put on 2 DVD's.

 "Contact" synced to Floyd's "A Collection of Great Dance Songs".

"Contact": "A Floydian Crazy Wish"

What You Will See:

The song "Shine on You crazy Diamond" starts off slow, and builds up to the part when Jodie is wisked away to another planet. The lyrics go perfect with this part of the movie. If you have seen the movie before, then you will understand whats going on for the next song. "Wish You Were Here" The transaction between the two songs during the movie is something to see. Jodie floats down to the "fish bowl" planet. The lyrics to this song go very well also. When you hear the line "heroes for ghosts" Her fathers ghost appears. Her father keeps saying "How I wish you were here". "We're just two lost souls, swimming in a fish bowl" thats what the planet looks like, as they stand there by the ocean. "Running over the same old ground" just when you hear the word "ground" the father is running his hand through the sand on the beach. This whole synch is a trip. The album came out way before the movie did. And yet, it looks like a music video. Like the director filmed the last part of the movie to go with those two songs off "A Collection of Great Dance Songs"

If you would be interested in learning how to obtain this 2 DVD set, email me at I'd be happy to direct you in the right place to get these Floyd synch's....There are a total of 7 different Floyd DVD synchs available. ... (more)
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