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If you like this video, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! If you've been watching my videos and aren't a subscriber yet, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Kirby puppet created by Aipe. Check out her DeviantArt page here **************iaminuyasha.deviantart****/ and her Youtube channel here: ***********/iaminuyasha Special thanks to Jake Rugino for teaching me some special effects tricks and his girlfriend Marissa Beskin for sitting patiently for two and a half hours while he did it. Special thanks to Doug Cowell for hauling his portable green-screen to AAC for me! Thanks to the attendees of AAC (Another Anime Con) in Nashua, NH for providing such a colorful mob of runners! I'm pretty sure there was more than one Misty from Pokemon and at least one Naruto! And thanks to Ben Hernandez and Armen Cholaghian for helping with the Flosstober intro (Yes, I did carve a pumpkin of my own face). The Kirby "I Want You Inside Me" shirt can be bought from the SharkRobot store here: *******sharkrobot****/t-shirts/i-want-you-inside-me-pink-guys And finally, a very special thanks to my little nephew Jackson who provided the voice of the unfortunate kosher-eating kid. Any complaints about that moment may be sent directly to my Jew-loving ass. ------------------------------------------------------- LYRICS There he is He's the puffball we call Kirby And Dreamland's the place he defends Ain't he cute? (He's so cute!) But he gets a little burpy Because he devours all his friends He's got an eating problem If I saw Kirby coming, I'd probably say, "Quick! Shit your pants if you can, also pee, please! Better stop, poop and roll 'cause he won't eat you whole if you taste like a fresh batch of feces! Here he comes Get your fat ass out of town, he would love you to be in his hole Say your prayers! Because once he wolfs you down, he becomes you by stealing your soul Then he'll go do your girlfriend He'll inhale and impale you with teeth no one sees, he likes purple, so watch how you're dressed. Kirby's anti-semitic and hungry as hell, he likes kids who eat kosher the best HOLY SHIT Kirby's right outside the door, so Go hide in the closet and weep This is it He'll eat us and then want more, So prepare for a death dark & deep We're all dead thanks to Kirby. Soon we'll be Kirby doo doo. ------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter! *******twitter****/brentalfloss And/or my Facebook fan page! ******* And seriously, y'all ... subscribe.