TEKKEN 3 Hwoarang - Secret Moves, Rare Custom Combos [18+]

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1 is SQUARE.........f is front
2 is TRIANGLE.......b is back
3 is X..............d is down
4 is CIRCLE.........u is up

f,b,d,u mean tap/press
F,B,D,U capitals mean HOLD

FC is Full Crouch
WS is While Standing, get up from crouch
~ is press very fast
CD is Crouch Dash = f,d,df
BT is Back Turned
SS is Side Step L left or R right
CH is Counter Hit
LFF is Left Foot Forward
RFF is Right Foot Forward
LFL is Left Flamingo (left leg raised)
RFL is Right Flamingo (right leg raised)

My personal collection of TEKKEN 3 secrets.

All Tekken 3 faq files on net are incomplete, so here I put videos revealing deeply hidden techniques.
If you already know some, good for you, I hope many Tekken players will find it interesting.

I do NOT present ALL secret moves, only the ones RARE and NOT OBVIOUS!
And rare are sometimes not MOVES themselves but their PROPERTIES!

HWO's uf+3 is deadly...
Fallowed by just frame 4 and 4, 3~3 guard stun cut like a hot knife through butter.
BT leg switch glitch can be useful and confusing.
LFF moves from RFF stance make his striking arsenal even bigger.
Flamingo side steps almost make him float...
HWOARANG can kick ass so hard!

Music is: High Energy Protons by Juno Reactor

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Thanks for watching!

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