Let's Play Final Fantasy XII - Episode 293

By: RaikouRider


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Thank you so much Ashe10 for this Yiazmat strategy. Here's the shopping list:

99 Chronos Tear
99 Remedy
3 Windbreaker - Rabanastre armor shop
Mirror Mail - Phon Coast item dealer
2 Ruby Ring - Mt. Bur-Omisace accessory dealer
2 Sage's Ring - Old Archades merchant
3 Bubble Belt - Clan Provisioner in Rabanastre

Other stuff you may want:
Yagyu Darkblade - beat weapon against Yiazmat, level 4 drop from Bombshell (Lhusu Mines)
Genji Gloves - Steal from Gilgamesh (Fight 1)
Fomalhaut - Chest in restricted area of Henne/Lhusu Mines (I forget where)
Antares - If you can't get Fomalhaut, purchase from Balfonheim arms dealer

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